Case Study of Narrative Communication

Case Study–Martin Margiela

Figure 1: The poster of Margiela Galliera–1989/2009

Few months ago, I went to the Margiela Galliera—1989/2009 in Paris. the first retrospective exhibition of Martin Margiela, from spring-summer 1989 to spring-summer 2009. He is a Contemporary designer always challenged the structure of garments and the fashion system.

Figure 2: photo shoot in the exhibition

The media of the 1990s portrayed designers as superstars, but he thought it should focus on clothes. in the exhibition, the models are not visible of their face, always covered by a hood or wig.

Figure 3: photo shoot in the exhibition

Margiela uses socks, gloves, tape, plastic bags… as a material to make clothes. it may shocked the audience at the first sight, but people can immediately understand that these designs are all part of life.

Figure 4: photo shoot in the exhibition

His deconstructive works. A white top made by socks, he identified the proper positioning to match the heel and elbow of the sock to the shoulder joint.

Figure 5: photo shoot in the exhibition

This exhibition inspired by Japanese artist Kiyochi Tsuzuki’s works— “Happy Victims” shoot in 2008, it shows the living space of younger generation in Japan. Margiela moved his studio into the exhibition and showed the creative process to the audience, so that the audience could more intuitively resonate and reflect, this is the purpose of the exhibition.

From my research before, the most effective and affecting stories spring from something close to people’s daily life. How the narrative make the audience reaction their experience through the artworks?

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